Hi, I’m Jenn! I made a career change into the fitness industry in 2013 (formerly a hair stylist). It’s a long story, with many ups and downs, on how I ended up in fitness, having never been an athlete. The bottom line is I learned to love fitness for the mental health benefits. It has changed my life. I became a certified personal trainer (through NASM) but quickly learned that I love group fitness so much more. I began teaching a variety of different fitness classes (still do). I taught a fitness format based on yoga postures (asana) without any of the other elements of yoga. I loved it at the time and taught it for 7 years before deciding to explore all yoga has to offer more in depth, personally and professionally. I absolutely love teaching yoga and am so thankful I finally added it into my skill set. My classes are a blend of physical movements, breath, mind-body connection, and playfulness. I strive to create an enjoyable, positive, slightly unconventional yoga class that welcomes all levels, abilities, ages, and sizes. I hope to meet you on the mat at Mystic Fitness.


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