Following magazine “exercises” as a teenager and dabbling with yoga DVD’s in my 20’s, I fell in love with yoga after my first studio class in 2012. After practicing in a variety of styles including Vinyasa, Restorative, Svaroopa, Ashtanga and Somatics, I completed two different 200-hour yoga teacher trainings, in 2018 with One Voice, and in 2015 with Metrowest Yoga. I see yoga as a focused way to practice more of what I’d like to embody “off the mat”. In class, I strive to combine a meditative atmosphere, opportunities to cultivate awareness and an invitation for safe and challenging physical exploration. Ongoing learning about the body/mind/spirit connection is a passion I love to share. In addition to yoga, my interests include developmental movement, somatics, maintaining mobility through the lifespan and current neuro research weaving these things together.

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