I was first introduced to yoga in 2010 while healing from an ankle injury from gymnastics. In lieu of surgery and painkillers, I fell in love with the healing powers of yoga and began practicing Bikram Yoga and flows of all kinds throughout high school and college. Teaching yoga for me has been an opportunity to bring the gift of movement to populations that are often unable to practice yoga in safe and secure conditions. After graduating the 200-hour One Voice Yoga Teacher Training in March 2020, I was able to combine what I had learned about yoga and my bachelor’s degree in Public Health from Worcester State University to create a nonprofit called Yoga4Good. So far, through Yoga4Good, I’ve provided free yoga to communities including low-income preschools, homeless shelters, corporate offices, and college campuses as well as donation-based community classes. As I continue my journey moving on to law school with a passion for equality and justice for all beings, I hope to bring a sense of community to Mystic Fitness and remind my students of their right to freedom of expression and movement.


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